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Monday, January 16, 2012

My Best Taiwan Friend

So, I have a really good friend here. Of course, I still have those three close friends that are in my actually classroom, but she isn't. She doesn't have an English name, so when I was Skyping some one from home they thought they heard me say "Ga Ga" like Lady Ga Ga, so her nick-name is now Sexy Ga Ga. But that is only when I Skype my friend, Brandi, from home. But, she likes it. 

We are both involved in the schools shooting team. I completely stink at the hand gun, but I have a real nice shot with the rifle. She is very, very good at the hand gun and completely stinks at the rifle. Above, is a picture of a target she shot a perfect 10 on. Then, she cut out I love U and signed it. I plan on keeping it for forever.

My best Taiwan friend. <3
She just made me the card yesterday, so I thought I would share. She is a very nice, caring, outgoing person. And she doesn't speak English. "How do you know what a language is, if you never had to learn one to make friends?" It's true. 

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